We are storytellers!

We are a collective of communication experts
helping brands weave their messages into their community.
We tailor make communication strategies
for you across PR, digital and collaborations.


  • TUTE

  • Public Relations and Strategy
  • Corporate
  • Lifestyle (Food, Fashion, retail)
  • Entertainment
  • Events and Projects
  • Digital PR
  • TUTE

  • Videos – Short & Long Format
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Logo Designing
  • Digital/Social Media
  • Digital Advertising
  • Web development
  • TUTE

  • Micro to Macro Celebs
  • Celebrity Associations
  • Brand Associations
  • Concept Event productions


Per Aspera Ad Astra

Following this as a core philosophy, it’s been over six glorious years and counting.

It all started on one rainy day. When the 9-5pm job seemed more mundane, process driven and tedious than ever and when sitting on the desk across a screen was more of a forced task, we decided to kick the monotony and do something that seemed more exciting and lucrative! Thus came about Tute Consult, emphasizing the need for work-life balance and an environment that was energetic and buzzing …whose DNA was all about communicating and creating value-additions for brands!

It’s inspired by Tutankhamen, the young, restless Egyptian king or being in’tutive about the work we do! That was just the beginning!

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of most exciting individuals and brands.

And just as brands and their messages evolve, the business of communication itself continues to change and grow. We pride ourselves in adapting to the new medians of marketing. Clients who believed in our ethos, partnered with us from the beginning; many of which remain to this day. Our clients range from established lifestyle and luxury brands to start ups.

With our approach to creative thinking and problem solving, we’re more than just a public relations company. We’re collaborators. From content development and design to forging partnerships with influencers, we’ve got your back.

We are a team of young and passionate thinkers, designers, writers and journalists.

That’s our story. What’s yours?


The dynamic maven of the house, Komal has OCD like knack for everything she does and a voracious reader who consumes knowledge every waking hour. A traveler who loves her coffee and clean desks, she dislikes procrastinators and unanswered calls or texts!


The creative powerhouse of Tute! and the sole male member of the Tutelets. If Picasso were alive in our era, Snyder's digital brushstrokes would sure give him a run for his money.


Monster walker, health food freak, Roshni brings to the table 2 decades of experience in PR- some amnesia worthy, but mostly good! Chiefly works with luxury brands, but extends her people skills in all directions.


Our very own inhouse fashionista with an array of styles up her sleeve you cannot make a fashion faux pas when she is around. This bawi of few words is an immensely hardworking and dedicated individual.