Get this picture! Your article is going on a blind date with Google. Now in order to make the best impression, you take your time and dress your article consciously with well chosen keywords so that Google takes notice of your article.

The most common dilemma which content marketers & bloggers to this day face is the act of intricately balancing optimization of their content, in order to rank high on searches, with the readability factor. Nothing beats the power of highly ranked organic search results to lend credibility and drive traffic to your website. This is the reason SEO as a tool has always held such prominence.

Let’s turn the lens around and consider three simple SEO techniques to build the power and reach of your content.

Use targeted headline & subheader

The attention span of the audience is dwindling by the day. You often find yourself skimming your way through long articles. The same goes for search engine robots. Using a headline and a subheader makes it easier for the bots to analyze the content of your article. Also when you have a headline & a subheader, you are increasing the keyword saturation. But be careful not to go overboard with it as it makes your text look clunky & unnatural to read.

Kiss your way to good, well formatted content

‘Keep it Simple Silly’ should be your mantra while you write your content. Google loves it when you make your content easier to be read and understood by your audience. There are three important questions you need to analyze before you write your content.

“What is the messaging of my article?”
“Will it serve solutions to my user’s search intent?”
“What do I want my audience to do at the end of their read?”

Do a thorough research of all the related keywords before you write your article. Google determines the relevance of your article based on the placement and frequency of these keywords in your piece. But be careful as to not to overcrowd your article with just keywords as this affects the readability of your article therefore affecting your ranking. Google is smart in viewing through this and would rather want you to make great quality, well researched and shareable content.

Treat your website like you treat your resume

This is exactly how you let Google know that your website is alive and thriving. Polish your SEO regularly and keep adding content at a regular pace. A website without these necessary updates is like trying to run a car without its regular refuels! For Google, Quality is the king. So make sure to never compromise on the quality of your content.

There are many more tricks to increase your SEO friendliness of your article. These are some tips just to help you get started in the right direction. Ultimately, the success of your article depends on just one factor – whether your reader does what you want them to do.