49 TOUCH-POINT Playbook©

A comprehensive model aimed to ease planning for agencies and clients to be future-ready

Public Relations as a stream is continuously evolving however strategy, narrative building and planning remain firmly rooted across all of this. Big players and new players have seen the change and the past 2 years have only crystallised the ‘need for speed’ and reimagined outlook needed.

On the back of rising mediums, continuous activity, customer experiences and tech, brands need accelerated strategic planning that is researched and effective to execute. We realised there were precious human hours being consumed to continuously make ‘strategy plans’ that combined all touch points in PR but were lost in reams of slides and emails and client/agency formats.

The Tute Playbook© (An industry first) – A 49 Touch-point matrix simplifies planning to plot 7 ‘mediums’ (through which amplification is to happen) along with the 7 ‘Tasks’ (Macro and Micro) to match the two.

By joining these two factors into a matrix, the brand/agency can plot what and how, key messaging statements, timeline and which mediums fit what kind of activity without any hassle.

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