The world has been brought to its knees with the ongoing pandemic and as we dust off to hobble back to the “new normal”, it has got people to dwell upon the way forward, undo certain mistakes, implement new ideas and processes and gear up for what’s about to come. As we complete 10 glorious years as an independent company, we are more charged than ever to take on challenges long inflicted in this side of the industry! Be it measurement or retainer sizes or simply relevance through exemplary work! Having worked with over 350+ clients and campaigns across geographies, we look at our pillars that makes us stand out for all the businesses we work with!

Architects of Paid Owned Earned Platforms

PR has come of age. We are no longer looked at magicians who were limited to just one act of garnering earned media. Today we own the stage, we use the powerful spell of storytelling to an expansive universe of owned and paid news medium. Infact the ability as strategists skilled across various platforms give us the unique edge to think across mediums and be architects (successfully) of laying cost effective yet powerful campaigns across. When Tute was infact only 2 years old, when we saw a potential in influencers and put together paid campaigns for Mahindra Rise or executed events for Kingfisher in The French riviera with top notch designers and models. Circa 2020, we design campaigns ranging from website creations to bespoke events (now virtually) or use tech to create brilliant innovations just as many a specialist agencies would! It is the future and our clients and partner agencies are accepting the brilliance of this!