Today’s business world is fiercely competitive, and companies’ desire to have something that makes them distinct from the crowd. Companies use Public Relations (PR) to enhance their reputation and communicate information about themselves through various media and to represent themselves in the most enthusiastic way possible.

When it comes to PR, perception is everything. And in brand building, it is the single most crucial ingredient for success. In business, it all begins and ends with PR…

The core strategy of public relation is to influence, engage and build relationships with the major stakeholders across various platforms to form and shape the public perception of a firm. Another tool that helps to build perception is Influencer marketing. Nothing works better than influencer marketing to create brand awareness, it is cost effective and can be used by companies of all sizes to promote their products. Marketers today can work with ample number of influencers to executive a variety of marketing activities through content creation, referral codes, contests etc. to create brand awareness

Sharing below 4 Tips one can use no matter the size of their business:

1. Understand the difference between PR and Marketing – For starters it’s important to be able to separate PR strategy from marketing strategy. Don’t get me wrong, public relations and marketing are very similar. However, there are differences in the goals of these two departments. For example, some goals of your marketing campaigns would be to drive more traffic to your website, while you ultimately want your PR strategy to result in revenue, the primary goal of these efforts will differ from that of your marketing strategy. There isn’t necessarily a measurable impact on sales via PR. It’s more of a big picture strategy. The goal of the PR efforts will be to improve the reputation of your business via focusing on things such as press releases, media relations, guest speaking events, interview opportunities etc. These are some of the indirect strategies that help to promote a brand using PR.

2. Build Consumer Interest – PR can play a key role in a strategy that generates consumer interest. It raises awareness and when executed correctly, the strategy can drive consumers to sale. Particularly for new and emerging brands, PR campaigns will be of great help to set the narrative, create brand buzz and assist with creating a brand following.

3. Use of Social Media – Increased activity on social media has provided a platform for a new generation of consumers. These consumers now have the ability to broadcast opinions and buying habits on global platforms. Social media also allows for news stories to travel rapidly to every corner of the globe. From a PR standpoint, this can be an encouraging way to spread the message of a brand quickly and effectively to a target audience. It can also be, however, the quickest way for a brand to plummet in consumers’ mindsets.

4. Use of Influencer Marketing Strategies – When brands want to leverage social media to promote their offerings, their reach is often limited to their own followers. However with influencer marketing, a brand’s products and services can be exposed to a newer set of audiences. Partnering with influencers will also help brands to garner more reach and visibility than any other method in today’s competitive, digital first market. As collaborations between brands and influencers are set to skyrocket, influencer marketing has emerged as the best way to drive engagement and conversations with the target audience.