Influencer Marketing, a relatively new space in the marketing umbrella has gained massive momentum since Covid-19, as the social media user base globally has increased about 13%, naturally increasing the overall usage. These overwhelming usages has brought about a need for this field of Influencers marketing to be dynamic and unique.

Lakhs of digital creators are present on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and new platforms like Trell, The Josh app, etc; what sets them apart is the kind of content they create. When ideating for an influencer activation strategy for a brand it is necessary to visualise the content and set aside a brief for the creators, then head on to choose the influencer profiles depending upon the brand tonality and category. The phrase, “Content is King” stands true while considering winning strategies that make noise.

Content is the principal factor for 3 main things, first – Relating to the Audience, Second – Clear Messaging and Third – Visually Appealing Content, these clubbed with the right approach will help you create gaging content which will in return get you closer to you brand goals in terms of brand/engagement, sustainability, and visibility.

There is no secret to content that goes viral as Instagram as the algorithm keeps on changing as well as audience preferences.We as communications professionals need to track change in trends to keep up with the online traction game!