Back to basics. Let me start with this: What is a pitch note?

A pitch note is a short, concise email to a journalist. The content of the pitch note can be altered from general to more specific as per the journalist’s interests.
Knowing the art of writing a great pitch note, is one of the most important traits for a PR professional because getting media coverage for your client is uber-important in this highly competitive corporate world.

An impeccable pitch note will easily help you get a media opportunity and as you know, a story in a top publication can make you and your client’s day. The truth is that anyone can write a stellar pitch, yes even you can. For all its mysteries, writing a perfect pitch note is easy, you just have to remember, that it should be straightforward, has all the information required, have the right angles, and something that is not in the public domain yet. Your pitch note should be written in a way that makes the journalist THINK and CRAVE for more information. Trust me, you can land a spot on any top publication, even if you’re a fresher in the corporate world.

So, tell a story to create interest, piques their curiosity, and influence the one reading your pitch note, we all influence someone to adopt our ideas and give us the go-ahead. Now tell me how many times have you opened an email just because of an attention-grabbing subject line? Always keep in mind, crafting a perfect subject line is vital, your subject line and the opening sentence will be the hook to capture the reader’s attention.

Also remember, the length of your pitch note is important. If you end up writing a pitch note that is too long, then be rest assured that the journalist will lose interest and fail to read on. So, write your pitch note in a way that is not more than three to four paragraphs, it helps in maintaining an interest right through to the end. And yes, try to be strict with your word count (under 220 words) to avoid information overload, which will also result in the journalist ditching your pitch. A short, crisp email instantly gets value.

The need of the day is having an effective pitch, but also follow these steps to get the desired coverage for your clients: target specific journalists who cover your clients beat; develop a friendly relationship with the journalist (most journalists receive hundreds of pitches every month, so building friendly relation with journalists is key); always target the right beat; read and be updated about your client, and plug your story in a way that is relevant and timely.
Grammar! Grammar! Grammar! Finally, once you are done writing your pitch note, don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar before clicking the send button.

Be prepared to hear “No” from journalists, yes that happened with all of us, and that’s how we learn to improve. Remember, to be cordial about it and thank the journalist for responding to you.

I am sure, you have become an expert in writing a pitch note. Now Over to You…