With social media being our go to destination for inspiration, information and ideas, we are constantly surrounded by lots of influencers from various gamut with diversifying content. There is a surge in brands wanting to work and collaborate with these influencers as it ensures the brand gains better reach, engagement and higher conversion rates. So how do you navigate this influencer space and make it beneficial for your brand?

Here are some of the tips and tricks to make sure you ace this game

1. Striking a balance between the content of the blogger and the connection to the brand

Harmonizing the content and the connection to the brand in a very natural way is the key to an ideal campaign. There has to be a synergy between the content and the brand otherwise it looks more of an advertisement than a collaboration.

2. Choose your influencers accordingly

When you know your audience and your campaign, it is advisable to reach those influencers that fits well with the campaign brief. Someone who has immense knowledge and can resonate with the brand and the campaign alike. Choosing the right influencer is an art and you are an artist if you are able to make this work!

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Number of followers and good social media accounts are inversely proportional to each other. Followers do matter but they are not the parameter to judge a profile. Engagement is the most effective way to determine the social media performance which encapsulates likes, shares and comments. Choose influencers that have higher engagement rather than someone with just high following.

4. Decode the various strategies

Different strategies work for different brands and for different campaigns. Ideate with influencers on what will work best. There is an array of options ranging from reels, guest blog posts to referral codes to giveaways to Instagram guides. Determine your influencers strength and strategize a plan according to your campaign