In short, the major aim of the Top PR agency is to get people to say improving things about your brand.

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is creating relationships with key individuals that can get to and engage your targeted audience. This relationship then gives a massive boost to your existing social media, marketing and PR campaigns.

Influencer marketing can make an impact in your with the Public relation strategy in a huge way. This is because they have human elements that PR doesn’t have, they encourage new audience to trust your brand effectively.

It actually sounds simple, but just to incorporate influencer in your Public relation strategy well, you need to be industrious, focusing on the latest trend and properly organized.
Here is a detailing of the top 3 influencers for public relations.

Follower Wonk – observe who is following your competitors

The follower Wonk permits you to search for keywords in the bios of Twitter users and sort them to find the ones with the largest teach and social security. It’s massive for searching and connecting with an influencer in your niche.

With 3 different priced plans to choose from, it includes analytic features like giving room for comparison between followers of multiple Twitter accounts. This is a great way to ‘stalk’ the influencers that are following your competitors. Once you see a dozen of influencers that follows your competitors, just create a Twitter list with them and make sure you check the content that is sharing regularly.

Buzzsumo – go through content shared by influencers

This search tool is a handy way to find social media profiles depending on a particular keyword or what websites they share content from. Let’s say for example you specifically need an influencer who can talk about technology, you can just search for it through this website below.
Buzzsumo breaks down each person’s influence, showing you domain authority, number of your followers and how they are retweeted. They will help get a list of people you can work with.

Twitter Lists – keep up with influencer easily

This is a special personal influencer marketing slash stalking tools. It’s kind of straight forward. You just compile a list of potential influencers that you find interesting, create a Twitter list with them. You can decide to make it private or public
This also assists Top PR agencies get a list of links the person has shared on Twitter. As people are going on the influencer bandwagon, anyone with a Twitter account and a credit card can always buy their following. It’s therefore efficient to verify the authenticity and importance of the content.