Writing Content For Digital PR- Things You Cannot Lose Sight Of

Digital PR works very differently as compared to its traditional cousin. Content for digital PR holds supreme importance hence one must really pay attention to it. The first thing any PR professional should be doing is knowing their client inside out. Whether it’s lifestyle, beauty, fashion or hospitality- one needs to know every single thing about their client.

Why do you need to look at PR for your B2B marketing

With PR today going much beyond just print coverage to include digital as well as new age media such as podcasts, social media and more, it’s clear why a brand will need PR to be a part of their marketing and communications mix.

Building perception using PR and influencers. Tips you can use no matter the size of your business

Today’s business world is fiercely competitive, and companies’ desire to have something that makes them distinct from the crowd. Companies use Public Relations (PR) to enhance their reputation and communicate information about themselves through various media and to represent themselves in the most enthusiastic way possible.

Using Content First Strategy For Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing, a relatively new space in the marketing umbrella has gained massive momentum since Covid-19, as the social media user base globally has increased about 13%, naturally increasing the overall usage. These overwhelming usages has brought about a need for this field of Influencers marketing to be dynamic and unique.


Press Release is the easiest as well as an ideal tool in communications to get the word out on any new announcement or development in your organization. But with journalists receiving hundreds of emails a day and reader’s attention span reducing by the day, making your press release stand out from the clutter is a tough rite of passage for any communications professional.

How to build media relations: Confidence being the key

One of the most crucial activities in a PR professional’s career, in the beginning, is building and maintaining Media Relations. Good relationships with journalists are not only essential in the case of mitigating crisis situations but also, maintaining company goodwill and maintaining their interest in the company. Every day, journalists get hundreds of calls and emails from professionals pitching their stories, but even the well-written ones get ignored. Building relationships and the right affinity with journalists enable publicists to position their brands in the media.

4 mistakes you can’t make in a collection note!

Let’s get this crystal clear, collection notes are the most important thing when it comes to pitching for a brand. It’s a tool that can make or break your online presence in the PR industry.They not only help you to attract, lead and engage with a set of audience, but also establish authority in your industry, and ultimately grow your business.

Follow these simple steps to write successful corporate pitch notes!

Back to basics. Let me start with this: What is a pitch note?

A pitch note is a short, concise email to a journalist. The content of the pitch note can be altered from general to more specific as per the journalist’s interests.
Knowing the art of writing a great pitch note, is one of the most important traits for a PR professional because getting media coverage for your client is uber-important in this highly competitive corporate world.

Master these 4 techniques to leverage influencers for your brand

With social media being our go to destination for inspiration, information and ideas, we are constantly surrounded by lots of influencers from various gamut with diversifying content. There is a surge in brands wanting to work and collaborate with these influencers as it ensures the brand gains better reach, engagement and higher conversion rates. So how do you navigate this influencer space and make it beneficial for your brand?

5 Benefits of Being a Lifestyle Brand With a PR Agency!

A brand is only ‘a name-tagged brand’ until it follows a culture thereafter which becomes ‘a trustworthy brand’. The culture that goes in the making of it comprises trust, compassion and transparency- the collective of which can be obtained by being with an efficacious PR agency.